John Freivalds New Book  Ramblin' Man  Coming Soon  Click here for more details

New Book by John Freivalds

Ramblin Man

John Freivalds has finished writing a new book based on his writing from media outlets around the world

Usually when a writer puts together a compendium of all his writings, he does this for ego, to show what a tremendous impact he had on the worlds consciousness.  Or the doctor just told you, you only have 3 months to live.

However in my case my beautiful, elegant, and neat-nik wife Linda said I can only have one file cabinet in my office.  Time to Streamline my writings!!

Exerpts from the book can be found soon on John Frevialds blog (

Book Will be coming out soon!! 

Available from Amazon for hard copy and Kindle

This is John Freivalds sixth book.

For further information and review copies contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.